Happy New Year everyone! After being in business for so many years, I just wanted to start this year off and share with those who haven’t worked with me before some of the reasons my girls choose to continue working with me.

Custom styles, exceptional quality of handmade suits and being reliable by responding promptly, meeting deadlines and supporting my girls are just a few. I really love helping each of you look your very best.

  1. All of my bikini and figure competition suits are handmade by me. I use only the best of products from fabric, connectors and Swarovski rhinestones. I do not hot fix or use templates when putting stones on the suits. Stones are applied to suit by hand gluing.
  2. All of my suit tops have shaper cups that create a beautiful fit. Since I am the one constructing your suit I can cut to conceal any concerns you may have such as C scars to giving you more breast support and lift.
  3. I always stay in touch with my out of town clients so that when you receive your suit, it fits perfectly.
  4. I am understanding as to any concerns or challenges you may have when prepping for a competition.
  5. I offer you encouragement to keep pushing and just trust the process.
  6. Since I have been making suits for many years, I can offer you many resources such as bikini and figure posing coaches that can perfect your stage presentation. I am fortunate to work with the best nutrition coaches in the industry.

My goal is to create you a beautiful and perfect fitting suit that will make you feel 100% confident onstage. Contact me here.