” For almost 20 years I’ve worked with some of the best trainers and nutritional consultants in the fitness industry.

My goal is to design a perfect fitting and most flattering suit and deliver it to you promptly.. This allows my clients time to practice posing and to feel amazing in their custom suit.

~Aggie Garcia, Owner

Meet Aggie Garcia- Owner of Illusion Suits

Hi, My name is Aggie Garcia and I am the owner of Illusion Suits ( formerly Illusions by Aggie) and I welcome you to my website. Please browse the different sections that will give you examples of my work. I have been in business since 1990. I service Southern California and also take orders all over the United States.

I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and dedicated competitors in the fitness industry. I design suits on all levels that include amateur, Pro and Olympians.

Being in top physical and mental shape is of the utmost importance when competing in bikini , figure and physique competitions.  One cannot overlook, however the importance of a perfect fitting suit that is cut to show off the physique you have worked so hard to attain. I also help you choose the best color that you will feel 100% confident in wearing onstage.

I work with Gina Aliotti, IFBB Pro Olympic competitor and health and fitness expert and owner of Gina Aliotti’s fitness network — Kim Oddo Body by O of Temecula California — Kyle Rogers of Team No Limits in San Diego –Patricia Gonzalez of Top Physiques in Tucson, Arizona —  Christian Herrera owner of Perfect Posing — IFBB Pros Sara and Chris Ford , owners of Titan Fitness and Nutrition
 in San Diego.  I have clients on teams such as Team Heugly , Zero Gravity and Team Shredz.

Your job is to train and follow your program.  My job is to have your suit done in a professional and timely manner. I always keep in touch with my clients and their coach to insure you have the perfect suit for your show. I have designed and made many unique styles of competition suits which includes suits for the WBFF organization. I listen to my client’s needs and can design suits to fit everyone’s budget.

I look forward to working with you.    



No matter where you are in your journey,
look and feel your best when you compete.

Contact Aggie for your custom handmade suit today.