In any competition, great attire will not only boost your confidence, but also make you stand apart from your rivals. The right bikini can also conceal your flaws while accentuating your strong suits. Discipline, dieting, and countless training sessions will be in vain without properly fitting apparel.

Choosing the perfect bikini can be a daunting task especially when you’re spoilt for choice. Here are five things you ought to consider before settling on any suit.

Rules Governing the Competition
Each competition will have its own set of rules regarding the style and fit of the participant’s bikinis. Being aware of such rules saves you the embarrassment of disqualification for not adhering to the federation’s regulations.

What Is Your Division?

Bikini divisions are grouped into several classes namely bikini diva, bikini model, and fitness models. Remember to familiarize yourself with each class in order to select that which best matches your attributes.

Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Become aware of your figure’s strengths and weaknesses. The goal here is to accentuate your strengths while suppressing your weaknesses. Custom-made bikinis can hide conspicuous scars and tattoos that might tarnish your overall look.

Choose A Bikini Color That Matches Your Skin, Hair and Body Type.

Your choice of suit color should be guided by your hair color and skin color. Tanning is one way to get your skin color where you want it and to assist in your choice of a posing suit. However, the color of your suit should not draw attention away from other important aspects such as body posture, muscle definition and walking style.

Below Are Some Examples of Winning Combinations

Redheads shine with brown, green, teal, red and orange suits.
Blonde women typically bode well with turquoise (blue-green), coral, silver and gold tones.
Brunettes and those with black hair do well with royal and dark blues, burgundy, and dark purple suits.

A Note About Skin Color Matches

Women with dark skin should lean toward reds, deep pinks and coral suit colors.
Other essentials to consider include quality, customer service and whether to include crystals or other decorations.