We all suffer from muscle tightness and tension after a good workout. When muscles are sore from exercising, it’s imperative that we let them rest and rebuild themselves. Working out causes microscopic tears to the muscles. Our bodies automatically repair these small tears when we rest.

Stretch and Warming Up
Stretching is probably one of the most important things a person can do for their body. Muscles can become so tight that it will show in a person’s posture. It is especially important to stretch out your muscles before and after you work out. Even if you do not work out each day, stretching every day is still beneficial for a healthy body.

Drink Plenty of Water
Water is extremely important to muscle repair. Keeping your body hydrated will also keep muscles from cramping up.

Take the Time to Relax
The next day after you have worked out, you want to give your body a break. Moving around through your day however, is ideal. Keep the blood moving through the body as this will help the repair process.

The art of meditation has been around for centuries. There is a good reason that meditation is still with us today. It helps to relax our muscles and our minds. Meditation can be done during any part of the day. You might want to start out stress-free and relaxed, ready to take on a new day. Maybe you would prefer to mediate in the evening before you go to bed to prepare your body for a restful nights sleep. Either way, it can be done daily.

How Does Stress Effect Muscle?

We all suffer from stress in our lives. The stiffness and tension we feel throughout the day are usually in our neck and shoulders. This can cause tension and even headaches. It is imperative that we have stress relievers in our lives to combat the tension and stress to our muscles.
Muscle tension can be relieved by many different methods. You want to take the time to stretch and warm up your muscles each day. Keep your muscles hydrated during your workout. This will help your muscles to perform properly and will keep you from cramping up. Taking the time to relax and let your muscles rebuild themselves after each work out is important. Without this downtime, muscle tightness can occur. A stressed body can cause all kinds of problems. Meditating will help to reduce muscle tightness and help you sleep better.