Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry.

My philosophy is that everyone I’ve listed below has something unique to offer, however, not every fitness or nutrition company / trainer / nutritionist, etc. is for everyone.

I encourage you to research from my list of resources to find a great match for your goals.

Body by O

Fitness Evolved

Kim Oddo has been a respected member of the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and has established himself as one of the top trainers and nutritionists in the world today.

Kyle Rogers Fitness

Training Programs & Fitness

Kyle Rogers has been a certified personal training serving the San Diego area since 2007. Whether it be fitness competition or strength and endurance you want to improve on, Kyle has a proven record of helping his clients reach their goals.

Derik Farnsworth

(619) 606-1598

IFBB Pro Massage therapist/active release technique therapist (a.r.t) Sports nutritionist and professional trainer

The Art Of Posing

(760) 809-3187

Osiris Trump IFBB Figure Pro Posing Coach

Activate 8 Meals


Certified personal trainer & nutrition specialist


Christina Jakymiw

(714) 393-1835

Certified Fitness Specialist

Bikini Posing Coach

Candice Nicole Walker IFBB Pro Bikini and Olympian athlete

The Posing Fairy

Maria Robles

IFBB Professional Bikini Athlete

Instagram: @ThePosingFairy